Our goal is to provide a comprehensive inspection service to our customers. With a team of general aviation aircraft mechanics, our number one priority is your aircraft’s airworthiness from nose to tail.

Flat Rate Annual Inspections

The FAA requires every aircraft to undergo a complete and comprehensive inspection every 12 months. The Vaayu Aero Maintenance team will thoroughly inspect the aircraft, communicate with the customer any repairs that are required or recommended, and perform the work requested.

Borescope Inspection

Borescope inspection is the best method to examine hard-to-reach or inaccessible components without dismantling them. The thin tubes are fully flexible and the adjustable camera system makes it possible to check tight areas with ease.

Annual Condition Inspections

An annual condition inspection is the equivalent of an ‘annual inspection’ of a type certificated aircraft. This inspection can be performed by any licensed A&P mechanic, an FAA-approved station, or by the builder of the airplane. The person doing the inspection has to use a checklist while performing the inspection.

Pre-Purchase Evaluations

The Vaayu Aero Maintenance Team is here to help the customer evaluate the maintenance records and airworthiness of an aircraft prior to its purchase.

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