About Us

At Vaayu Aero Maintenance, we strive for high-quality service and communication to ensure that our customers are taken care of throughout the aircraft repair process. We provide a range of aircraft maintenance and repair services for general aviation piston-engine aircraft. Backed by our years of experience in this industry, along with our FAA-certified mechanics and technicians, we aim to give our customers unparalleled services that are cost-effective, safety-focused solutions with quick turnaround time.

Just as you take on the pilot-in-command role while you are in the air, our customers are the owner-in-command during the maintenance process. Our customers’ satisfaction is what matters to us the most making us a reliable maintenance provider.

Our Team

At the core of our business is our talented and experienced team of mechanics and technicians that comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated team operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in aviation today. They will ensure that every aircraft that has been dispatched has been fully inspected and provide their extensive support to keep your aircraft airworthy.

Contact Us

Call Us : 830-584-7970 (KBAZ) | 281-579-6674 (KIWS)